Community Development

Brilor is a company that strives to develop and uplift the disadvantaged. We take our responsibility to our community seriously and have therefore, after careful investigation, partnered with the non-profit organization, namely, ARISE AND SHINE PROJECTS.

Arise and Shine Projects is run by committed individuals who have a proven track record in understanding and meeting the needs of their community.

Arise and Shine was originally formed to act and serve as a community outreach programme catering services of support to orphans and widows from disadvantaged communities around Matshana, Ndlangubo(KwaMthethwa), Ngwelezane, Esikhaleni and Emzingazi. The projects are funded by the individuals, as well as Brilor Industrial and Outlook Church. Together, we have partnered to eliminate poverty, uplift and empower families, develop and educate the youth, initiate feeding, agricultural and water schemes as well as grow a healthy, positive, crime free community.

The youth is assisted in creating and looking for job opportunities.

Brilor can only commend Arise and Shine for their total commitment to their goals of assisting families in raising the children of their community to be upstanding, educated individuals who have hope for a better future. The orphans, widows, working mothers are assisted with caregivers and all the needs in their community are noted, and every effort is made to make sure the community is taken care of.