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Brilor understands the importance of training, incentives and the right working environment. Our people are proud of their work and this is evident in the way Brilor personnel deal with customers inside and outside the company, and in the quality of products supplied. We acquired our BEE Status in 2005 and embrace the spirit of the New South Africa.



Customer Service

Even before placing an order, the customer can count on the assistance of Brilor technical and sales personnel, who will help them study specifications, supply drawings and provide technical solutions for their specific applications. Technical and maintenance training designed to increase understanding of equipment is provided in house or on site. We offer a 24hr – 365 day service and are always just a phone call away.



Brilor has always done the utmost to promote awareness and knowledge of total quality among it’s people. We strive to promote and use where possible only ISO accredited manufacturers/suppliers at all times.



Brilor is much more than just a Actuator and Control company. We offer a broad spectrum of quality products to the Industrial, Petroleum and Mining Industries to satisfy all their requirements, namely:

  • Process Automation Systems – DCS
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Solenoid Valves and Air service Equipment
  • Filters and Filtration Systems
  • Complete Valve Automation Systems
  • Mechanical Valves, Safety Relief Valves and Pressure Control Valves, Petro, Oil and Gas application valves,
  • Wear parts, A wide range of Engine & Industrial Oils & Lubricants, etc


Repair and Service

Our in-house repair facility and machine shop allows us to provide our customers with a same day service for repairs to all Valves, Actuators and Controls.

We offer and promote the use of Service Exchange contracts where repaired Actuators, Switchboxes, Positioners etc. is at all times available to ensure an uninterrupted availability.


Brilor BEE Status

  • BEE Status
    Through an Independent Audit we Achieved a Level 2 Accreditation.
  • Social Responsibility Plan
    Brilor actively supports various organizations to assist in the upliftment of local communities and makes monthly donations towards care of impoverished people.
  • Skills Development
    Constant In-house training are provided and a structured plan is in place to outsource training for staff members to improve skills, as well as funding on average six Learnerships per year.
  • Preferential Procurement
    Current Level at 125%.

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